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Xi'an, known as Chang'an and Haojing in the ancient times, is the provincial capital and deputy provincial city of Shaanxi. It is located in the middle of the Guanzhong Plain, next to the Weihe River in the north, Qinling Mountain in the south, and Chang'an in Bashui. It has 11 districts and 2 counties and manages the Xixian New District, with a total area of ​​10,752 square kilometers. At the end of 2018, the permanent population was 10,037,700, and the urbanization rate of the permanent population was 74.01%. The annual regional GDP was 834.986 billion yuan.


Xi'an famous snacks: Rouga Mo, Soup dumplings, Cold noodle, Soup with pepper, sauerkraut fried rice, Ice Peak, Cake caldron, Pot tripe, Crusty pancake, Mutton in water basin, etc.

Best travel time

1-3 days. The Xi'an Museum, which has a collection of 130,000 historical relics, more than 14,400 precious cultural relics above the national level 3 and the Little Wild Goose Pagoda, you can check it out. Then, you can go to the Shuyuan Gate Culture Street, which is a street of calligraphy and painting in the daytime, with a strong literary atmosphere; and a snack street in the evening, with strong characteristics of Xi'an. The Hanyangling National Archaeological Site Park is also worth a visit. If you still have time, you can also climb the highest peak of Taibai Mountain, the main peak of the Qinling Mountains, at 3767.2 meters above sea level, the highest peak east of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in mainland China.

Route recommendation

Time: 1-3 days | Best season: March-May, September-November

D1 Xi'an Museum → Shuyuan Gate Culture Street

D2 Hanyangling National Archaeological Site Park

D3 Pull Sendai

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